Residential Projects / Completed / OZO PARKAS (OZAS PARK), 5TH STAGE


'Ozas Park' is a modern estate located in one of the most-promising districts of Vilnius. 'Ozas Park' is like a small town for comfortable life, work, rest, entertainment.  Today, when most of the day we spend by rubbing shoulders with our colleagues or standing in a queue or traffic jam, having your own corner, own freedom, where you can breathe, move easier, enjoy peaceful, harmonious environment is heavenly good. 'Ozas Park' is like a separate small town with slightly different rhythm of life.

Every resident of a modern city dreams of having own corner, own freedom to be able to breathe easier, forget daily chores, worries and enjoy tranquil, harmonious environment.  'Ozas Park' is like a separate small town with slightly different rhythm of life.

Despite being very close to the city centre, surrounded by shops and entertainment arena, the smart layout of the architecture of 'Ozas Park' blocks creates a closed estate, the epicentre of which is a part of 9 hectare area. Concrete and noise are immediately replaced with green paths, lakes and birdsongs, offering a true relaxation after a long day.

The project was designed to fulfil the dream of every resident of a city – finding time for oneself in a daily busy routine. Paths for walking and cycling are laid in the park, lawns and comfortable recreational zones spread in the territory will give an opportunity to spend your free time right here, without moving far away from home. You can go for a walk, have a family picnic or play in the first disc golf field in Vilnius – there is space for everyone.

'Ozas Park' – Your green town.

Project Address

Vilnius, Jurgio Lebedžio g. 1