We are a real estate developer with the belief that new construction is more than urban development. It is new lives, new stories – it is the place, where people create their dream homes, workplaces, where culture is born and communities are growing. It includes timeless sustainable solutions that shape our environment and lay foundation for better future.

Our history started back in 2006, and today we can be proud of being among the largest and strongest real estate developers in Lithuania. Strong business traditions, integration of innovative technologies into working processes and a team of professional specialists formed in purpose-oriented manner helped us to achieve our goals and gain trustworthy name.

We build and develop residential, public and commercial projects. During creation of buildings and spaces, we focus a lot of attention on their harmony with the environment and local infrastructure. Not only today’s events are of our concern, we are thinking of long-term perspectives as well, therefore we invest into quality materials and integral architectural solutions which help every project to become an integral part of a city.

We care not only about the building process itself but also about surroundings. Therefore, we are concerned about landscaping and neighbourhood: we form communities, encourage cooperation. Our success is measured not by timely and smoothly completed construction, but rather by projects that managed to fit into society and create value added for Lithuanian business and social welfare.


Attention to details

We consider projects completed not when construction finishes but when all solutions are combined in the manner allowing people to fit into spaces and feel comfortable in them. We focus our great attention on every detail: from guarded territories to underground parking, to perfected landscape and recreational areas.

Modern solutions

We live at the time when spaces capable of adapting themselves to our needs, rather than vice versa, are prioritised. We develop projects by applying modern and progressive solutions that enable to have everything that is needed for quality life or productive work.

Durability of materials

When developing a city, not only today but also future generations must be considered. We invest into reliable, durable solutions, while materials used in construction are carefully selected by us prioritising standards that meet the supreme standards and are globally recognised.

Harmony with the environment

Not a single building can exist on its own. It always is a part of a city, neighbourhood and life of every individual around it. To ensure our projects form a harmony with the environment and create value added, we cooperate with architects directly and together analyse the structure of a location and its people’s needs.


Ambitious personalities determined to grow, improve and create a change together, which will be reflected in activity results, inspire us. If you would like to work in a company contributing to the development of environment and human welfare, send your curriculum vitae and joint our Realco team!

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