Work is our second home where we spent most of the day. Therefore, people are more and more concerned about comfortable, ergonomic working space not only about cosy and comfortable home. The Pentagon business centre was developed with special attention focused on environment and people's welfare, therefore all solutions and technologies wisely cater for business needs. From the creation of the concept to selection of building materials – every detail matters. Quality and cost-effectiveness are guaranteed by A energy effectiveness and LEED Gold sustainable construction certificates, exceptional architecture, solid interior design, functional workplaces and modern IT solutions give confidence in the project. For the convenience of people working in the business centre, guarded parking grounds and separate space for electric cars are installed, while the green recreational zone in the courtyard invites to have a rest and use the break wisely.


The construction of the GAMA building was completed in 2013. This modern project was rated B+ class in terms of energy efficiency and has as much as 10,570 m2 of total leasable area. It has a multi-storey parking for 360 cars and a special enclosed bicycle storage.


Implementation of the BETA building project was completed in 2010. The building stands out for its cost-efficient solutions and modern architecture. It is a ten-storey building with B+ class energy efficiency that has more than 22,300 m2 of leasable area and a parking for 670 cars.


It is a four-storey modern building with B+ class energy efficiency that opened its doors in 2008. The total leasable area of the ALFA building is 8,700 m2. The building has an underground parking for 240 cars.