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Some of the winners of the prestigious annual competition Interior of the Year/Golden Palette 2020 have been announced. By the online vote, an exclusive apartment in the Šventosios Vartai complex won in the People’s Choice (Tautos Interjeras) category. The apartment is furnished using solely the furniture and interior details of Lithuanian designers. The interior of the apartment that has won against several hundred competitors was designed by an interior designer Justina Skurdelytė in cooperation with the real estate developer Realco.

204 interior designs that were realised last year competed for the title. The Lithuanian interior design that won the award received 359 online votes. The designs competing for the award received more than 10 thousand votes in total.

Success was brought by attention to Lithuanian designers

“Lithuanians are not only slowly rediscovering local manufacturers, but also starting to appreciate them,” says Ms. Skurdelytė.

“It is nice when effort and creative ideas are appreciated. It is even nicer that people have heard our message and realised that Lithuanian designers and their work are worth the attention, and that it is important to appreciate local products. Handmade products add a sense of uniqueness to the space and create a truly exceptional feeling – they are full of the stories of the designers. It feels good being in this apartment and enjoying its relaxed space. I am happy that, when visiting the apartment that I have furnished as if it was my own, people experience the same feelings: they feel cosy and comfortable,” the interior designer shares her joy.

You can take a look at the apartment here:

The apartment that won the title in the People’s Choice category is furnished solely with Lithuanian products including Naïve chairs from EMKO (Lithuanian Design Cluster), Macaron pendant lights and world-famous My Writing Desk, cabinets from Ternis, beds and mattresses from Lonas, Indi lights, Woodbioma and Mildu kitchenware and accessories, LinenMe bedding, curtains and towels, seaweed carpets and paintings of Rolandas Žigonis.

The apartment that won the award this year has 3 rooms and a total area of 75 square metres.

“We are happy that we have managed to bust some of the popular myths, in particular that the supply of Lithuanian products is limited, and the products are expensive and difficult to incorporate in interior design. The apartment voted most popular for its interior design is furnished using solely Lithuanian products, which proves that Lithuanian furniture and interior details are not only high-quality, but also unique, stylish, and functional.

In addition, it does not take much time to furnish an apartment with Lithuanian products. The exemplary apartment in Šventosios Vartai was finished in only 3 months,” says Julius Dovidonis, CEO of Realco. He also reveals that the apartment enjoys great attention from the buyers interested in buying property in the Šventosios Vartai complex.

Promoting the culture of the interior

According to the author of the Interior of the Year/Golden Palette 2020 competition, interior designer Vytautas Gurevičius, the purpose of the competition is not only to identify the best architects and interior designers who compete in the categories of office, public and private interior design, but also to promote the culture of the interior in Lithuania.

“The participants of the competition become increasingly active every year, new faces join and eventually gain fame. Being able to compete and see your work in the context of the works of your colleagues motivates more than empty praise. All interior designs, except those in the People’s Choice category, are rated by foreign architects, so we avoid bias. We are proud of this, and this is what makes us stand out from other similar competitions,” explains Mr. Gurevičius.

In the Interior of the Year/Golden Palette 2020 competition that was organised by the portal for the 16th consecutive year, over 1,500 interior designs that were realised over the past year were presented to the commission of foreign architects and the public. The participants competed in three primary and seven secondary categories.

This year, participants competed for a title in the categories of the best private residential, public and office interior design, as well as best bedroom, bathroom, and lighting categories. Awards were also issued in the innovation, promotion of Lithuanian design and favourite interior design categories, and to the best interior design photographer. The winners of all nominations will be announced at the end of May in a solemn ceremony.

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