The Ozo park is inviting: 100 occasions to spend nice summer evenings without leaving the city

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Green space in the city is a true refreshment to one's soul, especially in summer time, you want to clear your head in fresh air instead of locking yourself in. The surveys show that parks next to home improve physical and psychological health of people even just for the view through the window. Not to mention a possibility to walk, exercise, communicate or otherwise have a nice time in the parks.

Of course, those who live close to green zones are the luckiest ones. However, at least Vilnius residents cannot complain about shortage of greenery. Did you know that green spaces in Vilnius occupy 46 per cent of the total area and it is higher percentage than in London, Berlin or Paris? While London could be a good example how to use city parks for active and passive leisure. Londoners enjoy spending free time in green zones, exercise, marathons and various other events are held in the parks. It is an excellent ground for various artistic installations and expositions.

It is nice seeing global culture slowly coming into Lithuania. Former neglected areas of woods and bushes and shrubs in the cities are cleaned and turned into attractive part of estates under development nearby. Park next to home improves also social life of people, here families with young children can meet, elderly people can have a nice conversation on their walks, and even young and physically active residents can find interesting things to do here.

One of the good examples of green zones in Vilnius is the Ozas Park. A boring featureless territory in the past turned into a zone attracting with its ponds, bicycle paths, disc golf course. Practising sport is not only trendy – forcing yourself to go outside after the whole working day spent on a chair will make you feel healthier and more energetic.

The initiator of the project called Summer in the City – Realco – wants to encourage Vilnius residents to spend their leisure more actively, to find new sports and fitness sessions or simply to being physically active. Residents are also encouraged to discover the pleasure of spending evenings in green zones of the city, to organise a spontaneous picnic on the grass and to find like-minded people to do sports or walk pets together. Therefore, various events will be held for the whole month at the Ozas Park starting from 27 July: from dog training lessons to evening exercise sessions.  

Open disc golf tournaments are held every week at the Ozas Park. If you have never heard of this game, come to try it! Everyone willing to play and try their accuracy is welcomed at the park every Tuesday. If you are one of those who lack motivation, we can assure you that Ričardas Kulys, a trainer of Get Fit gym, will deliver workouts where you will get motivation for the whole year! While energy jetting out of Thailand box champion will flood all four ponds of Ozas that are nearby!

Any more sport? As many as five trainers from Get Fit gym will wait for you for sessions at the Ozas Park twice a week for the whole summer! Keep moving and infect those with fitness who will try to watch workouts from a sofa at home.

Author of culinary books 'Seasonal Cuisine' and 'Good Food Diary', culinary blogger Renata Ničajienė will share recipes of quick-to-make picnic food.

While trainer from the school Daiva Gapseviiūtė will teach how to add some more fun to daily walks with a dog and how to socialise your dog to avoid any problems when encountering other dogs and their owners.

So, let's go to the nature! Summer is passing fast – don't miss it!

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