The Ozas Park is open to everyone willing to spend their leisure time outdoors

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On Monday's evening, the summer project in the Ozas Park finished with a symbolic safe traffic event for children, which was delivered by chief investigator of the First Operational Division of Vilnius City First Police Commissariat Liliana Malinovskaja with the help of Public order officers of Vilnius Municipality.

The officer showed educational films, reminded of the basic rules of safe behaviour on the street to a big young audience. Children were taught not only of safe street crossing but also of correct wear of reflectors which they received as a present.

We would like to remind that during the whole summer various sports events were held at the Ozas Park, including: workouts for children and parents organised by Get Fit gym, an opportunity to learn to play a disc golf, a game rapidly growing in popularity in Lithuania, was provided.

Animal lovers were invited to dog training lessons, where they had an opportunity to learn basic pet training principles.

Food wagons offering not only delicious snacks but also the latest trend of this summer, i.e. unique black ice cream, invited to enjoy warm summer evenings and to have a picnic right on the grass.

On the Black Ribbon Day and Baltic Chain Day, the meaningful culmination of the project was the film directed by D. Ulvydas 'Emilija iš Laisvės alėjos' ('Emilia') inviting to remember the price of our freedom with film producer Živilė Gallego attending the film demonstration and communicating with the audience.

'We are very happy to see so many people not only from nearby blocks of flats but also from surrounding districts to be rallied by the events. We received many thanks and proposals to organise more celebrations like this. We believe that neighbours' picnic or open-air cinema could become traditional summer events of the Ozas Park', said Realco Sales Director Marijonas Chmieliauskas, adding that inspired by the successful project, next year the company again will be looking for ways how to encourage people to spend time outdoors not only in a more joyful but also in a more meaningful way.

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