The Gates of Šventoji Leading to a Newly Discovered Vacation Spot

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Real estate company Realco is unveiling a unique project situated near the sea port in Šventoji. The Gates of Šventoji is a vacation housing complex which stands out from other seaside projects for its unique location right on the seafront of the Baltic Sea near the River Šventoji. Potential buyers can tour the low-rise buildings and their apartments situated in this unique area at any time convenient to them. They are now welcome to visit the newly constructed complex and to experience first-hand what it is like to live on the sea coast.

“Our investments are mostly concentrated in Vilnius, however, this spot on the Baltic coast caught our attention due to its unique location. It is surrounded by water on all three sides and the apartment buildings are situated just a step away from the beach. The coastal strip of Lithuania is not long, so this kind of spots with apartment windows offering views to the sea and the river feeding into it is really difficult to come across. We get quite a lot of inquiries from potential customers who also seem to appreciate the benefits that the location offers,” Realco’s Managing Director Julius Dovidonis said.

The need for a second home

The Gates of Šventoji, a seafront vacation spot offering exclusive privacy, has acquired a new meaning this year. An emerging trend in the real estate sector is the demand for a second home: people have been actively searching for a second home in Lithuania for vacation or remote work getaway. The choice of seafront housing options is really limited so potential buyers already have set their eyes on the real estate complex nestled between the River Šventoji and the Baltic Sea.

“We have been observing a growing need for a second home as a vacation retreat among customers for some time now. After all, there is no need to travel to some destination thousands of miles away by car or plane if you want to get some rest. This year, this idea has been translated into actual client needs and expectations. It became evident this year that a second home is useful not only as a vacation destination but also as a getaway spot when the situation gets out of hand. It makes us really happy knowing that we can now respond to those needs,” Dovidonis said.

The Gates of Šventoji is an ideal place for water sports enthusiasts as all the necessary infrastructure is just around the corner.

Vacation all year round

Prospective buyers see the housing in Šventoji not only as a place to spend summers but also as a winter retreat far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and, most importantly, as a quiet spot where they can enjoy the close proximity of the beautiful and mysterious Baltic Sea which can be admired through the panoramic windows.

Another advantage of living in Šventoji is its convenient transport links. To reach the town, you do not need to bother with ferry transfers and the queues at the ferry crossing. The town and the Gates of Šventoji can be easily reached by car or by bike via cycle paths zigzagging along the sea.

The Gates of Šventoji offers 90 apartments with an impressive selection of housing options ranging from one- to five-room apartments sized 34 to 104 sq. m. The apartments on the top floor have an attic space. The majority of other apartments in the complex feature terraces or balconies. The apartment purchase package includes parking spaces and storage rooms designated to each apartment. We decided to include these amenities into the purchase package due to the fact that people bring various types of equipment for recreational water activities or for spending time on the beach. Parking spaces used by the occupants are located below the buildings, whereas those intended for guests are located in the open-air courtyard.

The grounds surrounding the housing complex are neatly maintained and ensure privacy. Moreover, the area is adapted to the individual needs of each prospective occupant. The residential complex offers complete privacy. The well-maintained gated property is sheltered from noise and prying eyes. The environment surrounding the cosy buildings is well maintained and adapted for family recreational activities. It is equipped with relaxation zones featuring barbecue grills and playgrounds.

7 million Euro investment

Real estate development company Realco has invested 7 million Euros into the Gates of Šventoji project.

The Gates of Šventoji is Realco’s first housing project developed outside of the country’s capital. The company has been successfully developing multi-apartment housing complexes, Linkmenų Ežerai and Žvėryno Panoramos in Vilnius. In 2018, it completed the construction of the residential housing estate Ozo Parkas.

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