Sustainable development: example of the Pentagon business centre

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In Vilnius, next to Ozas shopping and entertainment centre, a seven-storey business centre Pentagon of an unusual shape of pentagon is rapidly rising, the builder of the centre is Realco real estate developer. According to the project authors, the shape of the building represents give main human senses and values: functionality, sustainability, quality, cost-effectiveness and convenience for business and individual.

According to Evaldas Savickis, Head of Vesta Consulting company conducting LEED assessments, adaptation, location and surroundings of the building play a very important role for assessment. Convenience to reach main service and shopping centres by people working in a business centre, availability of public transport and car park are considered. Indicators of cost-effective use of energy and natural resources are in particular important.

The chosen strategy includes not only architectural and engineering solutions but processes as well – construction works, time of involvement of energy, environment, sustainable development experts are assessed. 'They are involved in modelling, assessment of alternative energy sources, after then information is provided to designers to find the most rational solutions', said the assessor.

Experts consider the amount of natural light necessary for people coming into a building, adherence to proper lighting, ventilation or cooling standards, emissions of volatile compounds harmful to health from new furniture or finish. Internal microclimate quality is affected by carpets, primers used for natural concrete walls or ceilings, particle wood furniture. Experts help builders to choose certified materials and solutions.

According to Managing Director of project implementing company Realco Julius Dovidonis, Pentagon builders not only focus their efforts to ensure necessary social infrastructure but also pursue A class energy efficiency. Planned thermal energy costs of building heating – 9.67 kWh per square meter, a year. For comparison – B class buildings consumer around 45 kWh per square meter, a year. Energy modelling of a building conducted during designing stage helps to ensure excellent tightness characteristics of a building and good heat insulation of facades and roof. Solar panels on the roof will improve energy efficiency.

According to Mr. Dovidonis, effective ventilation system with recuperation and air humidification will supply fresh air. Besides, water-saving plumbing equipment, LED lighting in shared areas of the building are planned. 'The latest engineering solutions are applied, systems will be controlled by Realco smart building management system', stated Project Manager of Realco statyba UAB Tadas Černauskas.

Architects developed a flexible office space planning system, which was made possible by special supports in the facade construction. The building is adapted for open space and room layout. Points of connection of partitions with the facade are planned in the facade to support a step of 2.5 partitions between rooms, at the same time ensuring good sound isolation level between rooms. 'In total, over 13 600 sq.m. spaces will be offered, while the area of one floor of the Pentagon will have 1 900 square meters', explained Mr. Dovidonis. The opening of the centre is planned for March 2017.

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