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Realco company launches cooperation with other real estate developers and land owners in Vilnius. One of the largest real estate developers in Lithuania offers other projects developed by other companies to include their competences.

We are stepping into a new stage of the company. Until now, all commercial and residential projects were developed on our land. From now on, we will apply our long-standing experience and competences in cooperation with other real estate developers', said Realco Managing Director Julius Dovidonis.

According to him, the company has strong building management, sale and marketing teams ready to join commercial and residential development projects in various stages of their implementation.

'We are already negotiating with several potential partners regarding joint activity in real estate projects developed by them', stated Mr. Dovidonis.

Successfully operating onn Vilnius real estate market since 2006, Realco has already built and sold 2 150 flats, in total. In 2018, the total number of flats sold by Realco in the residential development projects 'The Lakes Linkmenai', 'Žvėrynas Panorama', and 'Ozas Park' in Vilnius was 391. While the company's sales in 2017 were 438 flats.

Realco built four business centres in Vilnius: a project of three business centres Alfa, Beta and Gama; Ozo biurai and Penta. The area of Ozo biurai is 42 300 sq.m., Penta – 13 800 sq.m. The objects were purchased by Finnish real estate company Technopolis: Ozo biurai – in 2013, Penta – in 2017.

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