Realco opens Žvėryno Panoramos terraces following the completion of the project

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One of the largest real estate development companies in Lithuania, Realco, has completed the construction of Žvėryno Panoramos, a unique residential complex at Siesikų Street in Vilnius. The company has invested a total of €24 million in the project which involved the construction of eight 4–9-storey buildings with pitched roofs. As of today, 80 percent of 398 apartments has already been sold.

Penthouse apartments with impressive terraces located in what is believed to be the highest point of Vilnius, are still waiting for their future owners. Having announced the completion of the construction project, Realco has already opened its fully finished terraces for viewing by potential buyers.

“We have added one more residential building project to our portfolio of projects completed in the capital city. The majority of the apartments, as in the case of Linkmenų Ežerai residential estate, have been sold “on paper”, i. e. in the multi-apartment buildings that have not yet been built. This means that buyers have a great deal of trust in our projects. Customer trust is the biggest reward for us,” said Julius Dovidonis, Realco’s managing director.

According to him, it was a deliberate choice by the company to leave exclusive apartments for the final sales. “You need a brilliant imagination to be able to imagine what it is like to see the entire city opening up from the spacious terraces without actually being there. Thus, we wanted to complete the project before offering people the possibility to experience this first-hand,” Mr. Dovidonis said.

According to architect Saulius Pamerneckis, the terraces offering spectacular panoramic views of the city are the true highlight of the project. “The decision to design pitched roofs creating a playful silhouette of volumes in this residential complex was a deliberate one. Each penthouse apartment is unique in terms of the views opening up from it and its non-standard ceiling height,” Mr. Pamerneckis said. The height of the ceiling is up to 4 metres on the top floors.

The architect said that the apartments on the top floors resemble spacious lofts offering more freedom of expression for future occupants in designing the interior. The floor area of the terraces in Žvėryno Panoramos project ranges from 15 to 56 sq. metres. Occupants will be able to plant their roof terraces and to create their own private green oasis in the sky.

Besides its timely completion, other benefits of Žvėryno Panoramos project is that it features a well-developed infrastructure. Realco asphalted a section of Siesikų Street and built a new slip road from Ukmergė Street for occupants’ convenience.

The project features Scandinavian style architecture. The façades of the buildings use sustainable, durable and high-quality materials. The buildings offer class A energy efficiency. The apartments are equipped with individual heat recovery units.

Realco also made sure to create a safe outdoor environment for children: the courtyards are enclosed and offer play areas and outdoor fitness equipment.  A video surveillance system is in place to bolster the safety of the residential complex. The residents can also enjoy spacious relaxation areas set up within the residential complex. Žvėryno Panoramos also have bike storage units and bike stands.

Residents can reach the city centre within just 10 minutes by car or using the convenient links with the public transport system. There are schools, kindergartens and shopping & entertainment centre Akropolis in the vicinity of the residential complex. Realco is currently in the process of obtaining construction permits for two new residential projects, Prie Vilnelės and 7 Vakarai. More than 500 new apartments will be offered to the market.

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