Realco completed Ozo Parkas (Ozas Park) project in Vilnius

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Real estate developer Realco completed the Ozas Park project development in Vilnius. In the new estate of the capital city, that emerged between the streets of Kalvarijų, V. Gerulaičio and J. Balčikonio, over 1 700 families made their homes. The total investment by Realco into the Ozas Park was over EUR 110 million, reads the press release.

According to Realco Head Julius Dovidonis, the estate construction took a decade. The estate can still accommodate 170 more families.

According to him, today the Ozas Park can be called a small town designed for comfortable life, work, recreation and entertainment.

Companies providing various services operate next to the Ozas Park: private kindergartners, hairdresser's, family and dental clinic, beauty salons, various boutiques, schools.

Business centres, Ozas shopping mall, Siemens arena, Vichy water park, DELFI sports centre are nearby.

Back in 2012, Realco finished the development of 9 ha area park next to the estate. The Ozas Park developers brought to life the ponds located in the territory of the park, planted a few hundred trees, mounted benches and walking paths with recreational zones. The first stationary disc golf course in Vilnius, which is open to everyone, was opened in the park.

At present, Realco is developing real estate projects 'The Lakes Linkmenai' and 'Žvėrynas Panorama' in the capital city.

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