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Žvėryno panoramos (Žvėrynas Panoramos)

Žvėryno panoramos

'Žvėryno Panoramos' is a modern and vibrant estate under development in a district of Vilnius famous for its excellently developed infrastructure. A breath-taking views of green Žvėrynas open from terraces of houses of unique, Scandinavian style. 'Žvėrynas Panoramos ' is quality and comfortable home for people who value privacy and space. You can choose from spacious apartments with green attacks or exclusive terraces.

Today, housing buyers in cities have to choose between natural surroundings and convenient location, views and good infrastructure, functionality and durability. Therefore, we decided to develop housing for a demanding and ambitious city resident, who wants everything.

'Žvėrynas panoramos' offers an exceptional opportunity to have spacious backyard for rest and beautiful environment, which will soothe and help to clear your mind after a long working day. Project residents will be pampered with fresh air by the recreational zone and geodetic reserve nearby, and to make sure that refreshing greenery is not outdoors only – we designed special eco gardens in the attics and terraces, which will help you to run away from concrete greyness and bring more colours into your daily routine.

The estate has unique location of the city, with the views that will wake you up better than a cup of coffee in the morning. Remote, nature-surrounded location will let you forget the buzz of the city, while nearby educational establishments and entertainment and shopping facilities will satisfy all your infrastructural needs.'

'Žvėrynas panoramos' – life on the roof of Vilnius.

Project Address

Vilnius, Siesikų g. 14