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‘Šventosios vartai’ ‘Gate of Šventoji’

The 'Gate of Šventoji' is the gate through which fishermen used to sail back home in the past. Today, we recreate this place by telling fishermen stories anew and offering housing here for those who are looking for home which would be not only a hideaway from urban buzz but also own harbour always good to return to.

The 'Gate of Šventoji' will be located on a small isle surrounded by the sea and the dunes, while the nearby pier will help to realise the old dream of taming the flow of water. It is more than low-rise blocks of flats or panoramic views to the seashore. They will greet with legends of a small but character town, river estuary washing the feet and the pier under reconstruction, where community life will be in full swing. It is like a private harbour of your discoveries!

Project Address

Šventoji, Prieplaukos g. 14