Residential Projects / Completed / Linkmenų ežerai III (The Lakes Linkmenai)

Linkmenų ežerai III (The Lakes Linkmenai)

Linkmenų ežerai

Our relationship with nature has always been very strong, synergic and necessary to feel complete. Thinking about human nature and needs in a modern urban world, we developed a cosy and green residential estate on Linkmenų Street, at a very close proximity to the small natural lakes.

Peaceful nature through your window, space and comfort in your home. The project has everything that is needed not only for comfortable life but even for quality rest. It is a closed and guarded territory, warm, cost-effective low-rise buildings and catered lawn with perfected greenery and modern playgrounds for the little ones.

The 'Linkmenų ežerai' estate reminds of a remote suburb impressing with spaciousness and privacy, however all advantages of life in a city are available.  In close proximity: kindergartens, schools, youth centres and creative workshops, while all most popular shopping, leisure and entertainment spots can be reached by foot: Compensa concert hall, Siemens arena, Europa, Ozas and Rimi shopping centres.

The 'Linkmenų ežerai' – inspired by nature. Created for life.

Project Address

Vilnius, Linkmenų g. 58