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GO LIFE home – for the energetic, young and stylish. Surrounded by business centres by day and entertainment by night. As soon as you leave home, you are off to the swirl of pleasure: enjoy shopping in trendy boutiques and have a treat in cosy cafés. Relax in the green oases of the parks and entertain yourself in concert halls. Get off the couch and move your body in fitness clubs. Everything you love is at your fingertips. The harmony of the city and nature at GO LIFE home located between Ozo and Gerulaičio streets.

We are developing a project for energetic, spontaneous and open-minded people whose every day of life makes a story worth telling. For those who are always running out of hours in the day because they want to do so much, to combine work and leisure, to climb the career ladder, to have fun, to try new experiences, and to feel that they are really living!

No need to plan your time outdoors – the nature is right here in your backyard! When you can barely keep up with your own rhythm, the vicinity and location of your home in the city become your top priority. It will only take a moment to get to a bench in Ozas Park with a cup of coffee, take a walk with your four-legged friend or bring your laptop and continue working in the shade of the trees.

The GO LIFE neighbourhood is quiet for just a few hours a day. Soon enough, healthy lifestyle enthusiasts will be returning to the nearby gyms from the crack of dawn. During the day, couples, friends and families will entertain themselves and shop in the huge shopping centres. Not to mention the longed-for concerts in the arena or relaxation in the water park. All this city life is available within a few minutes’ walk and you will never have to worry about where to park your car.

We break the standards, focusing not only on the home, but also on the environment around it. We develop the backyards so that you can enjoy all those sunny days in the fresh air! Grab a cup of coffee and sit on the smart benches, admire the surroundings and read a book, or do a sun salutation right here on the lawn. No need to travel to nature, because it is right outside your home!

Project Address

Vito Gerulaičio g. 4