One more estate of blocks of flat next to the Ozas Park

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Real estate developer Realco owned by Icor Group launches construction of the estate of blocks of flats 'Linkmenų ežerai' (The Lakes Linkmenai') on Linkmenų street, in Vilnius – read the press release of the company.

The new estate to be developed will consist of five low-rise blocks of 551 flat, into which the investment of EUR 30 million will be made by the company.

'This estate will interest buyers looking for home in the very heart of the city and close to nature, at the same time. The main advantage of the new estate is quick access to Vilnius centre and the view of green space with natural water ponds through the window. For residents' convenience, we will improve one of the small lakes by installing recreational zones at its shore', state Realco Sales Director Marijonas Chmieliauskas in the press release.

Realco is planning to complete the estate construction in two stages. The first stage will be completed in the third quarter of 2016, when construction of two five-storey blocks of 248 flats will be completed in the estate. Classical silicate brick blocks will have B class energy efficiency.

Flats of 1 to 4 rooms, of the area varying from 28 to 92 square meters are planned to be built. Flats on the first floor will have spacious terraces. Underground and ground parking lots are planned.

According to the press release, the territory of the 'Lakes Linkmenai' will be lit and fenced, yards will be closed, CCTV will be fitted for security reasons.

Realco is building the 'Ozas Park' estate in Vilnius, the fourth stage of the project is currently in progress.

RE specialists forecast record number of new flats to be built this year, in Vilniuas – approximately 4 000.

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