Realco expects to add over 500 new apartments to the Vilnius real estate market

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Witnessing growth that has been observed for a number of years now and seeking to meet the demand for new housing, real estate development company Realco has announced plans to build two new residential complexes of multi-apartment buildings.

The company will soon launch the construction of a new residential complex with a homely name 7 Evenings (7 Vakarai) in Buividiškių Street in the western part of Vilnius. “The project’s name was organically inspired by its location and today’s pace of life. Many people spend a large part of their day at work. They later go to a gym, meet their friends in town and they return home only late in the evening to relax and enjoy a quiet and cosy atmosphere. Everyone has different plans for the evening but for nearly all of us, the evening is the most enjoyable part of the day. Home atmosphere becomes more lively in the evening when all family members enjoy each other’s company,” said Marijonas Chmieliauskas, Sales Director at Realco.

Recent trends suggest that Vilnius has a demand for new, good-quality, affordable housing. The 7 Evenings Project is geared to meet this demand. The apartments in the buildings will have one to four rooms but the largest focus will be placed on 2-room economy class apartments, up to 45 sq. m in size, which are popular among singles and young families who are looking for their first home. The 5 to 7 storey buildings will accommodate 280 apartments with partial or full finish. The latter option has recently attracted great interest from buyers. The location of the new residential complex is another appealing factor. It will be situated in Pašilaičiai which is considered to be one of the cleanest districts of Vilnius due to the rather row urban density and large green areas. With all this in mind, Pašilaičiai has a well-developed infrastructure including a network of schools, kindergartens, medical facilities and shopping centres. Meanwhile, a convenient public transport link and the nearby Western Bypass offer easy access to other city’s districts.

Realco expects to launch the sales of the new economy class apartments in the 7 Evenings residential complex in the second quarter of 2020.

An apartment in Markučiai for those seeking exceptional location

Realco’s second residential complex will be built in Pakraščio Street in Markučiai, giving new life to another abandoned area of Vilnius. The developer expects that the project Prie Vilnelės (At the Shore of Vilnelė River) will attract families and young couples who are looking for an apartment in a unique location in Vilnius. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the new residential complex is its urban location and the charming districts nearby. The Old Town of Vilnius is just a few steps away thus occupants will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy various activities, events, concerts, restaurants and the vibrant urban atmosphere. The location is also just a dozen minutes’ walk from Užupis, a bohemian part of the city.

The Prie Vilnelės Project is intended for those who know exactly what they want in life, who enjoy having quality time to relax and engage in meaningful leisure activities. Living in the residential buildings surrounded by natural environment, green areas and parks will take occupants’ standard of living to a new level. Enjoyable morning runs along the shore of Vilnelė River, evening walks in Pavilniai Regional Park or games with children on a lawn – all these recreational activities will be in hand’s reach for the occupants of the new residential complex.

The company expects to launch sales of the new apartments in the Prie Vilnelės residential complex in the summer of 2020. The complex will accommodate 218 apartments and commercial facilities and will feature 1- or 2-room apartments or larger 3- or 4-room apartments overlooking Vilnelė River as well as offering roof-top terraces.

The city of Vilnius has been witnessing growth and the real estate development company Realco is happy to be able to offer new, high-quality apartments to Vilnius residents and to contribute to the regeneration of abandoned or unused urban spaces for a number of years now. After all, each resident and each business harbours a vision of an attractive, well-maintained and well-organised city.

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