Realco reports sale of 425 apartments in 2019

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One of the largest real estate development company in Lithuania, Realco, sold 425 apartments in Vilnius in 2019, a 9 percent increase compared to 2018. Last year, the company’s sales accounted for 8 percent of all new apartments sold in the capital city in 2019.

“Last year, our most popular project in Vilnius was Žvėryno Panoramos residential complex. A total of 194 apartments were purchased in the residential buildings under development at Siesikų Street,” said Realco’s CEO, Julius Dovidonis.

It was closely followed by Linkmenų Ežerai residential complex being developed in Šnipiškės micro-district. A total of 180 apartments were sold there in the third phase of its development.

Linkmenų Ežerai and Žvėryno Panoramos residential complexes were among the best-selling projects in Vilnius in 2019.

The sale of the last 51 apartments in Ozo Parkas last year marked the end of the development of Realco’s multi-apartment building complex with a total of 1,700 apartments.

The year 2018 also saw the completion of Realco’s Linkmenų Ežerai residential complex. Over the three stages of the project 842 apartments came from this project. Of them, only 20 apartments are currently vacant.

Last year, Šnipiškės became the most sought-after micro-district among Vilnius buyers. A total of 803 apartments were sold in Šnipiškės out of all 5,420 new apartments purchases in the capital city in 2019.

„The year 2019 also marks the extension of our geographical reach,” said. Mr. Dovidonis. Last year, Realco expanded its property portfolio with their project in Šventoji and launched apartment sales in the Gates of Šventoji, a sea-front residential complex.

In 2020, the company will offer new apartments in Pašilaičiai at Budiniškių Street, and in Markučiai at Pakraščio Street. “This year, we are planning to build over 500 new apartments both in economy and mid-segment housing developments. We will launch apartment sales in our new projects in Vilnius this summer,” said Mr. Dovidonis.

The company expects to invest over 33 million euros in the development of new residential complexes in Vilnius.

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