Realco acquired Ibrahim business centre

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Real estate (RE) developer Realco UAB, owned by Icor Group, completed the deal and acquired operating Ibrahim centre on Kalvarijų street, in the centre of Vilnius from Ibrahim UAB.

The transaction amount is not disclosed, informs Realco. 'We are planning construction of a modern business centre in the present territory of Ibrahim. More information about future investments and construction completion terms will be announced upon completion of this project planning process', Realco Managing Director Julius Dovidonis is cited in the press release. Realco built and developed four business centres in Vilnius by now: a project of three business centres 'Ozo biurai' ('Ozas Offices') and Penta. In 2013, three business centres of the 'Ozas Offices' project: Alfa, Beta and Gama of the total area of 42 300 square meters, was acquired by Finnish RE company Technopolis. Teh last business centre developed by Realco was Penta building of the total area of 13 800 square meters, which was built in 2015-2017. This business centre was acquired also by Technopolis in 2017, the transaction price was EUR 32 million.

At present, Realco is developing the following projects of the estates of blocks of flats in Vilnius: 'Ozas Park', 'The Lakes Linkmenai', and 'Žvėrynas Panorama'.

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