The first disc golf course in Vilnius was opened in the Ozas Park

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The first stationary disc golf course in Vilnius, open to public, was opened in the park territory of the Ozas Park estate of the blocks of flats. Festive tournament organised on Saturday attracted adults and children from Vilnius. The idea to build a disc golf course came to the Ozas Park developer Realco and Vilnius disc golf club.  "This sport does not require special knowledge or special physical strength. People of all age groups - from the youngest up to elderly - can enjoy playing disc golf all year round. It is another opportunity to spend active leisure time with the whole family, to communicate with neighbours', stated Realco Sales Director Marijonas Chmieliauskas.

'We can be happy for Vilnius having the first public disc golf course in Lithuania. The major target when developing the course infrastructure was to make the course friendly to beginners. The course will be an excellent entertainment for beginners and attractive training space for advanced players', Director of Vilnius Disc Golf Club Skirmantas Bikelis is confident in that.

Highly popular in Scandinavia, disc golf is similar to the traditional golf, only golf balls and clubs are replaced with flying disc, while the target is a special basket. Professional disc golf course with nine baskets is installed in the Ozas Park (of four ponds).

It is played by 3-5 players in groups, while the target of the game is to hit all nine baskets by lowest number of throws. The result equals total number of throws. A player does every new throw from the spot where the previous disc landed.

The shortest distance from the start to the basket is about 50 meters, longest – about 100 m. The total length of the route to be passed by a player is about 670 meters. Trees, bushes, water bodies and landscape form natural obstacles for players.

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