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About us

Realco, UAB is a real estate development company based in Lithuania, with a proven track record of success in exclusive real estate developments, specializing in commercial, retail and residential segments.

Since its inception in 2006, our company has consistently delivered on its commitment to embrace the best business practices and traditions in this field. An important key to the company’s success is our team consisting of highly qualified specialists having excellent know-how and extensive experience in this sector.

Among the most ambitious projects implemented by Realco, UAB was the development of the Vilnius-based entertainment park property (comprising entertainment objects, business centres, and residential buildings). This area, totalling 60 ha, which is located near Ozo and Geležinio vilko streets, is one of those Vilnius microdistricts that has experienced a complete makeover in just a few years and became a hallmark of the city.

The use of cutting-edge technology and special focus on environmental harmony, as well as the integration of real estate projects into the city infrastructure have helped Realco in earning trust and reputation among its clients. This recognition inspires the company to move forward relentlessly and to seek solutions that would bring added value to the Lithuanian business and public wellbeing.


The real estate development company Realco has completed the development of Ozas Park in Vilnius. The new housing estate situated between Kalvarijų, V. Gerulaičio and J. Balčikonio Streets, is already home to more than 1700 families.


Construction of a multifunctional sports centre has recently started in Vilnius, near the shopping centre Ozas and Vichy Aqua Park. 3 million euro is being invested in this project. Construction work is carried out by Axis Power, UAB and real estate development company Realco, UAB. The centre’s architects were provided by Tiksli forma, UAB.


Pentagon, a seven-storey business centre that has an unusual pentagonal shape, is rising fast in Vilnius, near the shopping and entertainment centre Ozas. The project is developed by the real estate development company Realco.


Real estate development company Realco owned by Icor group is set to construct a new pentagonal-shaped business centre Pentagon next to Siemens Arena in Vilnius. The company will invest a total of 18 million euro into the new business centre, as announced in the company’s press release.


Real estate development company Realco owned by Icor group is commencing the construction of Linkmenų Lakes residential estate of apartment buildings at Linkmenų street, Vilnius, as announced in the company’ press release.


The first stationary public disc golf course in Vilnius has been opened in Ozo Parkas residential estate of apartment buildings. A festive tournament held on Saturday offered entertainment for both children and adults. The idea to set up a disc golf course was suggested by Realco real estate company developing Ozo Parkas residential estate, and Vilnius DiscGolf Club.


On 16 February, Restoration of the State Day, Ozo Parkas became the first residential estate in Lithuania to raise historical flags together with the official national flag. The flags were in place to celebrate the special occasion from early in the morning.


Real estate development company Realco is commencing the construction of three new apartment buildings in Ozo Parkas residential estate and launches apartment sales.


The Finish company Technopolis has acquired three real estate companies from the Icor group which manage Alfa, Beta and Gama business centres in Vilnius. The price of the contract is 210 million litas (61 million euro).



Business centre „PENTAGON“

PENTAGON: a new business centre undergoing construction on the Ozo Street, next to Siemens Arena and other strategically conveniently located objects, will open its doors in March, 2017.

Attention to the environment and workers’ welfare as well as smart technologies employed from the very beginning of the PENTAGON project allowed building a modern business centre that smartly serves your business needs.

Unique shape of the building embodies five values of the project: functional, sustainable, high-quality, cost-effective and comfortable business centre has been designed to meet the most important needs of the modern business and man.

The list of benefits offered by PENTAGON includes comfortable, safe and healthy working environment, high energy efficiency and significantly lower operating costs.

From the initial concept to construction and finish materials – everything has been planned down to the last detail here: the quality of the building is ensured by class A energy efficiency and LEED Gold sustainable construction certification, while credibility is achieved through unique architecture and solid interior design, functional workstations and up-to-date IT solutions.

PENTAGON: designed for your business.

Ozo Biurai

Ozo Biurai is a project of three business centres successfully implemented by Realco, UAB. The total area of the business centres is 42,300 sq. m. These buildings provide office space for such companies as SEB bank, AB, Barclays Technology Centre, Western Union Processing Lithuania, UAB, CSC Baltic, UAB, Hewlett-Packard, UAB, and Sweco Lietuva, UAB.

These modern Ozo Biurai buildings, featuring a unique architectural style, are located near the main transport arteries of Vilnius, such as Kalvarijų, Ozo, and Geležinio Vilko streets. Thus they can be easily accessed both by employees or customers. The business centres are built in the eastern part of the multi-functional area of 60 ha housing such objects as Siemens Arena, Vichy Aqua Park, Ozas shopping and entertainment centre and Ozas Park apartment buildings settlement.

Modern utility services installed in the business centres ensure continuous, secure and reliable operations of the tenants. Environmentally-friendly and resource-saving engineering solutions provide maximum comfort for the employees and ensure minimum operational costs.

The three Ozas Biurai business centres were acquired by the Finish real estate company Technopolis in 2013. As of 2013, it was the third largest real estate investment deal in the history of Lithuania based on its investment value.

Ozas shopping centre

For Realco, UAB, the year 2007 marked the start of an ambitious development project – a shopping and entertainment centre Ozas. The project was completed in 2009, a result of Realco’s cooperation with ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund based in Germany.

Ozas SC stands out for its distinctive architecture: the wavy shaped building follows the relief shape of the glacial landform, known as esker (Lith. ozas), located in this area.

Ozas shopping and entertainment centre consists of three floors and totals 172,000 sq. m. The shopping centre offers a car park of 2,200 parking spaces. The centre houses 180 stores, dozens of restaurants, entertainment and sports services.

The Linkmenų Lakes

The Linkmenų Lakes are a cozy and green block of residential buildings on Linkmenų Street in the neighbourhood of Šnipiškės.

The residential area offers exceptional conditions for comfortable living and quality leisure, created by the peaceful and closed-off yet strategically convenient location, the warm and economical low-rise housing, well-developed city infrastructure and great access to all of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Enjoy the cosy peacefulness of nature outside your window as well as space and comfort within your home. A choice of 1-4 room apartments with areas ranging from 28 to 92 m2 is available to suit your needs. Every apartment comes with a spacious balcony, and first-floor apartments have terraces that blend in with the lawn. Both underground and above-ground parking space is available, and security cameras have been installed for monitoring the surroundings.

There are several kindergartens, schools, the Lithuanian Youth and Children’s Centre as well as the VGTU creative workshop known as Linkmenų Fabrikas nearby. It takes just a few minutes to get from your home to the town centre by car. You will easily and comfortably reach work, and the most popular leisure and entertainment centres are within close walking distance: the Compensa Concert Hall, Siemens Arena and shopping centres such as Europa, Ozas and Rimi.

Residential buildings constructed as a part of the first phase have already been put into service.

The estimated date of completion of construction under the second phase is the first quarter of 2018.

    I phase

  • II phase

Ozas Park

Ozas Park is a modern apartment building settlement located in the Vilnius microdistrict with a great development potential. Ozo Park is like a small city for convenient living, working, rest and entertainment.

The green Ozas park (featuring four ponds) is highlighted as the main benefit of the Ozas Park by its residents. All 9 hectares including water bodies and recreational areas are designed down to the smallest detail. Benches and walkways with recreational areas are installed in the area. Those who prefer a more active leisure can benefit from the disc golf course. It is the first of its kind in Vilnius.

The settlement is located just a short 5 minute car drive away from the city centre. The nearby city arteries such as Geležinio vilko, Kalvarijų and Ozo streets provide convenient access by public transport.

At Ozas Park, you have everything you need within hand’s reach. The residential complexes provide office place for companies offering a variety of services, among them a private kindergarten, a hair salon, a family and dental clinic, a beauty parlour, and numerous small shops. Within walking distance from the residential buildings there are business centres, Ozas shopping and entertainment centre, Siemens Arena housing the largest events under its roof, as well as Vichi Aqua Park offering water attractions and sauna facilities.

The settlement continues to expand: on the edge of the western part of the park began construction of residential buildings as a part of the fifth (and final) phase of the project. The estimated date of completion is the first quarter of 2018.

Ozas Park – your green city.

    4 phase

  • 5 phase

Panoramas of Žvėrynas

Panoramas of Žvėrynas (Žvėryno panoramos) is a modern and contemporary settlement currently developed in the Vilnius district that has an excellent infrastructure. A breathtaking panoramic view of green Žvėrynas will open from terraces of the settlement houses built in the unique Scandinavian style.

Panoramas of Žvėrynas will provide comfortable high quality homes for those who value their space and their privacy. There will be many spacious apartments with green mansards and distinctive terraces to choose from.

Close to the houses that are being constructed on the hill is a recreation area that will pamper the settlement dwellers with fresh air, as well as a geodetic reserve. Inspired by the glaciers, the exterior of the Panoramas of Žvėrynas homes is austere and minimalist, Nordic. The houses currently constructed near the Šeškinė oz (geological terrain formed by the glacier) are inseparable from the nature: alongside the greenery in the yard, the settlement dwellers will be able to enjoy small eco-gardens arranged on their balconies.

A secluded but convenient location of the settlement provides yet another touch of exclusiveness. In addition, there are plenty educational institutions, entertainment and shopping centres within easy reach. Living away from the city centre with all of its hustle and bustle, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful panoramas of Vilnius every single day.

Panoramas of Žvėrynas – created for demanding and ambitious urban dwellers.


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